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World War 2 Practice Bombs Found at Bridgeview Marina and Resort
Article By: by Bridgeview Marina and Resort
Posted: 2/13/2014 Views: 4412  Impressions: 17445
Categories: Home Life: Environmental, Entertainment: Tourism, Local News

The lake level and environment is of utmost importance to marinas and resorts around Lake Texoma. The drought has caused Lake Texoma levels to drop. Many of the marinas are taking advantage of the low levels and are working to clean the shore around the lake before tourism season kicks in.

In the midst of dredging Lake Texoma around Bridgeview Marina and Resort, Ed Matthews' crew found not one, but two, old World War 2 practice dummy bombs. Ed, General Manager of Bridgeview Marina and Resort, said that they thought they had found an old barrel in the water just off the shore of the marina. Ed asked the crew to remove it from the lake as he and the Bridgeview staff are continually concerned about the health of the lake and the environment around it. They want to insure a safe fun experience for their patrons. Of course, when the "barrel" was deposited on the street in front of the marina office everything blew up, so to speak! Ed realized that the barrel was actually a bomb!

Ed immediately notified the Corp of Engineers who oversee, built, and manage Lake Texoma. They informed him that during World War 2 there was an airstrip nearby that World War 2 pilots would use for practice runs. The pilots would be loaded up with practice dummy bombs, make a low sweep over Roosevelt Bridge and then drop their bombs right about where Bridgeview Marina and Resort is now located.

The next day or so after finding the first bomb, one of Bridgeview rv campers pointed out that they thought they found the sister to the first bomb. Sure enough, they had.

Bomb squads, sheriffs, highway patrol, TV stations, newspapers, and other media sources have started bombarding Bridgeview now. To say the least it has national attracted attention far and wide for the Lake Texoma marina.

Fortunately these bombs are not and have never been active. So no need to worry about safety when you go to Bridgeview Marina and Resort.

As Ed commented, "We now have recovered two (2) 'Practice Bombs'....everyday is exciting at Bridgeview Marina and Resort!".

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